Use of ACOMS Logo
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Advertise Your ACOMS Fellowship or Membership!

Fellows and Members of the College are encouraged to advertise their affiliation with ACOMS in their professional advertisements and communications using the ACOMS logo and phrase. ACOMS Fellows and Members may reproduce the logo and identify themselves as members on:

  • Professional stationary
  • Letterhead
  • Business and referral cards
  • Business and personal websites*
  • E-mail signatures*
  • Interior and exterior doors and windows**
  • Plaques**

In these instances, the ACOMS logo shall never be used alone and must always be accompanied by the phrase: "Fellow(s) [or Member(s)] of the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons." 

Downloading Instructions:

Sign-in is required in order to download the ACOMS logo for Fellow/Member use. The file archive at the bottom of this page will appear empty if you are not signed-in to the site. Please use the sign-in box on the right side of the page to identify yourself as a member in good standing or use the password assistance function to retrieve your password. Files will appear in the file archive at the bottom of this page once you have signed-in. 

Terms of Use:

The logo of the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons is the official service mark of the College. The ACOMS logo is trademarked and the property of the ACOMS and all rights to the ACOMS logo belong to the ACOMS. The logo, when used with the appropriate identifying phrase, is the official collective mark of the ACOMS, which may be used by ACOMS fellows, members and official component societies.  Any use or reproduction thereof by anyone not a member of the College, or by any fellow, member, or official component society in a manner that does not conform to that described herein, is specifically prohibited.  

*Must include a hyperlink to  

**Only in offices where all surgeons are ACOMS Fellows or Members. 


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