Life and Retired Membership

Retired Membership status is granted to a member should he/she voluntarily and completely retire from practice with the stipulation that the member has paid his/her dues through the year in which retired membership is voted by the Board of Regents. Those members engaged in part-time practice (one day a week, etc.) or employed in an administrative or teaching capacity in an educational institution on a full or part-time basis for which remuneration is tendered, shall be considered ineligible.

Retired membership shall be granted to a member in the event he/she must suspend his/her practice due to personal illness, or other extenuating circumstances. Under these circumstances, his/her dues shall be waived at the discretion of the Board of Regents.

A retired member shall not have the right to vote or hold office. In the event a retired member resumes practice, it is incumbent on said member to notify the Central Office so that he/she may be reinstated. 

Life Membership is an honor to be bestowed upon only our most loyal, longest-serving members. A member may achieve Life Member status upon completion of thirty (30) dues paying years and have reached the age of 65 years or more. Dues shall be paid through the year in which life membership is approved. Upon election to life membership, dues shall be waived. Only in extenuating circumstances may exceptions be made and then only upon the recommendation of the Board of Regents. A life member shall enjoy all privileges of the membership category held in prior to the election to life status.

In order to be granted Life Membership, it is incumbent upon the member to provide proof of eligibility, preferably in the form of a membership certificate or letter and to submit that evidence, along with the attached form. If you are unable to do so, kindly return the attached form regardless and we will do our best to verify your status.

Please complete and return the form below to apply for Retired or Life Membership.